How to Consolidate Your Business


This workshop provides a clear template for assessing the key components to focus on when consolidating a business by streamlining vital activities and identifying the ‘critical’ pieces to focus limited resources on.


At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • A re-useable template for assessing the health of the business and identifying effective consolidation activities
  • A broad understanding of the current business climate and what factors are most influential in determining a business strategy appropriate to the climate
  • Insights into the key leadership capabilities required for consolidation
  • An understanding of vital people skills/capabilities needed in their business to ensure a successful consolidation
  • An understanding of what business plan changes will be required to enable continuing success


The workshop is comprised of four stages:

  1. Universal principles that determine consolidation success – international best practices
  2. Business template – provenance and application
  3. Business climate – connecting the vital factors in the market with the business template
  4. Leadership, planning, skills and capabilities analysis
  5. Planning the next steps using the business template in participants’ businesses


The workshops are run at various locations in London
The workshops are available as in-house programmes for individual businesses executive teams

The Investment

Individual participants workshop attendance: £450.

In-house executive team workshops: £2,500 plus travel expenses

How to book

If you'd like to find out more or book your place on this event call Christian on 07767 303184, email or ask us to contact you by using the form below:

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