Motive Driven Selling


This workshop provides an opportunity to explore and learn skills and techniques that enable sales by viewing the world through customers’ eyes and devising creative solutions to meet their needs in uncertain times.


At the end of this workshop participants will have:

  • An innovative ‘lens’ tool to view the customer’s world and understand what they see and hear
  • Insights into customer’s motives and real needs
  • An understanding of how to create ‘pull’ from customers rather than ‘pushing’ products or services
  • A framework for prioritising customer engagements to maximise success
  • An understanding of assumptions, beliefs and behaviours that sabotage success


The workshop agenda includes:

  • Understanding my starting assumptions and behaviours when selling
  • Exploring a customer situation and view
  • Comparing my assumptions with actual customer’s buying motives and needs
  • Communicating collaboratively – ‘ditching my salesman’
  • Constructing offers that meet our mutual business needs
  • Planning new approaches and establishing further support required

Who would benefit from the Match Motive Driven Sales workshop?

The workshop is designed for sales people at all levels from Sales Directors to those new to sales and can be tailored accordingly.


The workshops are run at various locations in London

The workshops are available as in-house sales training programmes for businesses seeking to refresh their sales approach in difficult times

The Investment

Individual participant workshop attendance: £500

In-house Motive Driven Selling workshops: £3,750, plus travel expenses. Maximum participants 12 people per session

How to book

If you'd like to find out more or book your place on this event call Christian on 07767 303184, email or ask us to contact you by using the form below:

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