Executive Coaching

As our careers develop, it is easy to get focused on the day to day delivery pressures and leave our own development to one side.

Typically, people consider coaching when they have just taken a new executive role in wine or drinks, or are considering their next appointment.  Others are well established in a management position but feel they need to develop further and want an independent, confidential supporter to work alongside them.

If this sounds familiar to you, Match Consultants offers executive coaching which will guide you through your next set of decisions.  Traditionally management development in the drinks industry has been an ad hoc affair so we now bring a structured approach which we tailor to your situation.

We are retained by individuals and companies.  Individual executives often want a supportive advisor who can offer constructive feedback to help them perform better in their current role or to prepare for their next move.  Working with companies, Match works to develop individual managers, as well as facilitating their evolution into strong management teams, ready to lead the drinks and wine industries forwards into the future.