Executive Search

Experts in executive search and selection in the wine and drinks industry.

Is your team vital to you?  Are you looking for the right people but you aren’t certain who in the wine and spirits sector to choose? Or do you need an experienced third party to help you define the ‘who’ and then help you find them?

Whether you are a potential employer or someone looking for a career in the wine industry or drinks sector, we know that you’ll be impressed by Match’s diligent and professional approach.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility so we can tailor our approach to help you achieve your goals.  We are committed to excellence so we adopt a structured, evidence-based approach to the hiring process.  We use a range of innovative analysis techniques, such as cognitive profiling and situational testing where appropriate to ensure we provide as much information and support for you through the interview process.

Our success rate is in finding the right people for the right jobs is over 92% so you can be confident that we will help you make your next move a good one.

As an employer in the wine or drinks business, we can work with you to develop your ‘person specification’ and your ‘job description, so that we understand exactly what skills and attributes you require you’re your next recruit.  We then go looking for that person on your behalf.

Having created a pool of candidates for you, we can train you and your staff in interview techniques and brief you on your legal responsibilities.  If you would like us to, we can also join you during the actual interviews.  To give you clarity during the hiring process, we send you detailed reports on all selected candidates and keep in close contact throughout.  We focus on supporting you so that you can get on with your day job.